Real Estate

Real Estate

We empower realtors with advanced solutions to streamline and simplify real estate management.

RealEstate segments we serve:

  • Construction and development
  • Property management
  • Payment solutions
    Custom reporting tools and analytics

  • Rental and leasing management
  • Facility management

Our key areas of expertise

Constant control over project planning and capital expenditure is crucial for the real estate industry. We help businesses develop comprehensive software solutions  powered by the latest technological innovations to streamline each stage of the facility  management lifecycle from strategic planning and financial matters to space  management and energy use.

Turn numbers into data visualizations to have a realtime overview of your  property and seamlessly improve your business processes

Get strategic insights to increase your revenue by learning the behavior of your
facilities and quickly identifying anomalies in energy consumption and equipment performance

Implement smart connectivity and utilize realtime data to make informed decisions on  resource utilization to better manage your space

Harness indoor maps and location data to track static and dynamic assets and create contextual location experiences

Rethink and enhance your current user experience to provide an intuitive interface  for interacting with the building environment

Leverage our robust security expertise to ensure that all aspects of your facility  infrastructure are protected against possible cyber threats