Retails Solutions

IT Services & Solutions for Retail

Retail IT services focus on achieving higher efficiency in business
operations and creating truly customercentric experience for digital and
physical sales channels.


Custom Retail Software

Aroasis is ready to develop unique retail solutions which are initially tailored to your individual needs. We deal with all types of retail software, including:
• ERP systems (including integration with the 3rd party software)
• POS applications (item list, sales processing and integration with POS devices)
• Back office software (item editor, inventory management, software integration)

Loyalty Program Management

Sophisticated loyalty program management systems created ,will help your business gain devoted customers due to:
Customer Account Management – tracks purchases and channels
Analytics and Reporting – identifies tendencies and creates forecasts
Flexible Rewards Systems – tailor campaigns and special prices to individual needs
Mobile Loyalty – applications that deliver offers directly to your customers

Data Analysis

Data is the foundation of all retail processes and the warrantor of their productivity. We offer smart multi-level data analysis that assists retailers in:
Optimizing categories/ sales planning
Unlocking additional sales growth opportunities
Planning sales and marketing activities
Vendor management
Maximizing operational efficiency

Trade Promotion Management

With its proficiency in implementing trade promotion solutions, we have satisfied the needs of a client and developed software for a customer . Our elaborate systems take responsibility for the whole trade promotion cycle: from planning – through execution control and complex analysis – to devising a more efficient strategy with the newly gathered data in mind.

Ecommerce Solutions

Our sophisticated technologies ensure omnichannel retailing that significantly expands your business. Make the first step and complement your brick-and-mortar trade with a feature-packed custom ecommerce solution

Retail Corporate Portal Development

Our experts are willing to develop a corporate portal from scratch as well as to enhance the already current one. Regardless of the case, we will deliver to you a robust, modern and userfriendly corporate web portal that will organize your business and structure and integrate its processes.


Omni-channel customer engagement

Get your retail CRM system integrated with your ecommerce platform, website, store software, social media and mobile applications to recognize and reward each of your customers personally based on their history of interactions across your channels.

Loyalty program bundle

Opt for integrating a CRM with your loyalty program to make use of rich customer data, or choose to build a loyalty program as a CRM module and thus optimize your IT ecosystem.

Marketing automation

Leverage your sales potential with effective contact management, highly targeted content and personalized email marketing for each of your customers, automatically.

Help desk integration

Make your customer support services more connected at all levels (live chat, email, call center) with instantly retrieved, comprehensive customer details like purchase history or loyalty program membership that can be updated in real time.

Integration with enterprise systems

Connect your retail CRM with the shopping cart, ERP, order fulfillment and other functional systems that have a direct relation to the quality of your customer service.


A pool of IT professionals.
proving our ability to maintain the security of customer data during the

Proprietary collection of customizable CRM addons.

Flexible delivery models.

Advanced Retail Reporting and Analytics

Retail companies have to constantly struggle with larger competitors for consumer and brands. The way to a bigger market share involves average purchase value increase, vendor selection optimization and even putting business to omnichannel rails.


We can help retail companies take the guesswork and uncertainty out of these
challenges in affordable but sharp way, and so help to increase revenue and


Aroasis provides comprehensive modelling and advanced data analysis to help retailers find fast and accurate answers to their business questions.

Complex predictive models for products, prices, regions, stores, etc.
Statistical models to manage risks.

Machine learning algorithms and methods for improved merchandising.

Video / behavior pattern recognition to reveal shoplifters.

Decision support methods for optimum assortment and shop development


We build clear and intuitive reports to help you understand current position and provide information for further improvements.

• Performance reports by channel, division, region, store, department, product
category or brand.

• Comparison reports on brands

• Optimization reports on sales and item movement data. Help understand
demand, optimize staffing levels, and improve inventory turn, etc.