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Custom Software Development

We perform world-class custom software development services for startups, small-to-midsize  and enterprise-size businesses.


Deployment and integration service

We have dedicated software developers to augment your existing IT team


Application Development

Our application software developers are industry-specific technology experts with many years of combined experience delivering interoperable, scalable, and flexible web & mobile applications for all kinds of industries.


Software Quality Assurance

We bring together the most reliable expertise, processes, technologies, and QA testing specialists to deliver high value-added and QA & software testing solutions that you can trust.


Product Lifecycle Management Services

We offer product lifecycle management (PLM) services to support small, mid-size, and enterprise-size business needs, connecting people, processes, and data vital to your production and manufacturing workflows.


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Bringing new IT Business solutions and ideas







Custom Software Development

Services From Dedicated Developers With Vast Industry-Specific Experience

Web Development

Implementation & Deployment

API Development & System Integrations

Application Maintenance

UX/UI Design

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Product Lifecycle Management

Our  end-to-end product life cycle management (PLM) model covers everything from conceptualization, concurrent front-end & back-end coding, deployment, QA, and more

Quality Assurance Testing

We provide comprehensive Quality Assurance (QA) testing services to deliver high value-added and agile-aligned software solutions and applications.

IT Security Services

Our thorough threat audits help us identify your infrastructure’s most critical vulnerabilities, allowing us to implement the encryptions & protocols you require.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

We implement robust data backup and data recovery strategies for on-premise, and hybrid servers designed to ensure data integrity and business continuity.

Infrastructure Support Services

We provide holistic IT infrastructure support, including help desk management, custom messaging & collaboration, network management, and system administration services.

We Have On-Demand Developers

Real-Time Communication

Our developers work within your time zone to allow for real-time collaboration. We work to achieve a true "branch location" feel. We infuse accountability and transparency into our model with regular management and progress reports.

Scalable Business Model

We work with you to find the areas that are best suited to bring you value. Based on your needs, our flexible business model gives you the option to increase or decrease the size of your dedicated team at any point of the lifecycle.

You Own The Source Code

Most software companies insist on owning their own source codes to prevent their clients from seeking out other vendors or tools. Under our agreement, you are the sole proprietor of the source code and intellectual property.

Custom Software Solutions

Augment your existing development team to complete a big project or build a new software solution or application from scratch with us.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

Our software engineers and developers create custom CRM Solution that best fit business objectives, installing and migrating industry-leading platforms.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

We develop custom ERP Solutions by revamping existing solutions or developing ERP systems from scratch, designed to cover core business functions, including inventory & distribution management, production and more.

Payment Processing Solutions

Our programmers seamlessly integrate industry-leading solutions into your business systems to enable easy payment transactions.

AI & IoT-Connectivity Solutions

We program and integrate embedded software into a host including smart home equipment, consumer electronics, wearable technologies and more.

Developers With Programming Expertise

Our highly experienced software developers have a deep understanding of how to leverage top
programming languages, frameworks, and other software development tools to create the ideal
solution for your business.

Programming Languages





• Angular

• React

Our Developers Have Industry Expertise

Our dedicated team of developers has extensive industryspecific experience building custom software solutions and applications.





Hospitality & Travel

Meetings & Events

Real Estate


Supply Chain


Application Development

Experienced & Dedicated Application Developers

Our application software developers are industryspecific technology experts with many years of combined experience delivering interoperable, scalable, and flexible web & mobile applications for all kinds of industries.

Cross-Platform Application Development
Android App Development Platform
iOS App Development Platform
Windows App Development Platform
Application Development Services
UX/UI Design & Development
Security & Compliance
API Integrations

Custom Application Development Solutions

We develop and integrate Custom Applications for consumerfacing and corporate environments
distributed across mobile and web devices, written in Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, C++, and
other programming languages

Enterprise-Class Development Solutions

Covering every aspect of the entire enterprise application development process, our developers build applications that provide users with an immersive experience. This helps companies to oversee their ERP, CRM and business objectives with ease.

Employee Level

We create feature-rich, robust, and reliable employee-facing enterprise apps to help employees track and assign projects, statuses, employees, tasks, and so much more.

Department Level

We design Department-Level Enterprise Applications, with built-in modules for internal workflows, communications, accounting, sales, marketing, etc. for specific departments within an enterprise.

Company Level

We connect company departments by creating a centralized network on a Company-Level Enterprise Application, allowing users to access essential company resources like databases, documents, and more.

Client-Facing Application Solutions

Our development practices allow us to create innovative, engaging, and highly scalable Client- Facing Application Solutions that offer more interoperability and flexibility than most off-the- shelf solutions currently on the market. Here, we build powerful client app solutions to fuel business growth .

Custom Mobile Application Solutions

We create custom Mobile Application Solutions for B2B and B2C companies to drive competitive advantage and create new revenue streams. We can develop your custom application solution from the ground up or enhance your existing application with modifications and integrations for added functionality, flexibility, and scalability.

Deployment and integration service:

Augment Your IT Team with Low-Cost Software Developers

We have dedicated software developers to augment your existing IT team.

Continuous Deployment

Our software deployment specialists have cultivated an efficient continuous delivery process that emphasizes comprehensive, automated testing before any code is integrated or deployed. We catch code errors and deploy iterations much faster by establishing an organized central code repository with version control and rollback.

Phased Implementation Solutions

Our developers perform phased implementation services that roll out the software in increments to maintain data integrity. We assess your network's readiness and compatibility for implementation and work with you to design a phased plan.

Compatibility and Configuration Solutions

Our custom configuration solutions include tracking and controlling changes in applications before and after deployment, revision control, and establishment of baselines. We provide database compatibility solutions to ensure new software and features are not incompatible with earlier releases

We Make Software Deployment and Implementation Easy and Cost-Effective

Without an exhaustive and carefully considered plan for custom deployment and implementation, launching an application can be a nightmare. Our software deployment specialists assess and assemble apps for all environments, effortlessly delivering new technology to end-users without the headache.

Deployment Planning Services

We provide deployment planning services for on-premises and hybrid environments, with structured engagements that produce the best tools for a detailed deployment plan. This lowers risks and costs will be meticulously monitored, ensuring complete configuration of the deployment process. We take the time to ensure that there is no system downtime and that your business workflows are improved.

Custom Software Deployment Services

We provide deployment and implementation services using proven schemas and methodologies to ensure the most cost-effective application delivery process to end-users. We use the best practices for configuration, installation, deployment testing, troubleshooting, system integration, and project governance.

Post-Deployment Services

Once our software developers have implemented a solution, application, or integration testing procedure, we can help your solution perform as it was designed to. We work to identify and group end-users by optimal implementations, monitor users' post-deployment behavior to ensure success, and generate reports of user metrics, directly and indirectly.

Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance Testing Services

We bring together the most reliable expertise, processes, technologies, and QA testing specialists
to deliver high valueadded and QA & software testing solutions that you can trust.

Software QA Web & Mobile App Testing

Our developers provide world-class QA testing services for web and mobile applications, ensuring full compliance and high-quality software every time. We harness the power of innovative AI, IoT, technologies to perform advanced QA web & mobile app testing.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We provide end-to-end IoT security services to help businesses successfully balance time-to- market pressures.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We utilize AI-powered tools to deliver highly intelligent software QA testing of your apps.

Harness the Power of QA Testing Solutions

Augment your software development team with customtailored QA software testing solutions.

Software QA Automation Testing

We deliver full-cycle QA automated software testing for web, mobile, and desktop applications to enable improved test coverage, enhance product quality, optimize testing activities, boost productivity, and decrease overall testing times.

Software QA Manual Testing

Our dedicated QA team will test your mobile, web, or desktop application manually to identify & fix bugs, detect & eradicate errors, and confirm its compliance with regulatory standards, providing you with the highest quality result possible.

Custom Quality Assurance (QA) Testing Solutions

We develop custom QA testing solutions from scratch or enhance your existing QA testing
solutions through modifications, integrations, and feature implementations.

Software QA Testing Solutions

Our experienced test architects and engineers develop top-of-the-line software QA testing solutions for API, unit, multi-browser, and multi-device testing focused on all testing categories, including penetration, functional, localization, regression, performance, usability security, and compatibility testing.

Managed Testing

We create end-to-end managed testing solutions, enabling our expert QA team to take over the entire scope of your testing activities to provide the best possible outcomes.

Project-Specific Testing

We develop QA testing solutions and perform independent third-party testing services based on specific company projects to deliver successful results.

Quality Assessment

We engineer software auditing solutions to provide you with a detailed report of any detected issues along with thorough instructions on how to fix them.

Product Lifecycle Management Services

We Handle Your End-to-End Product Lifecycle

We offer product lifecycle management (PLM) services to support small, midsize, and enterprisesize business needs, connecting people, processes, and data vital to your production and manufacturing workflows.

Requirement Extraction & Analysis

Developers present a clear picture of the entire software project’s scope, defining and documenting the software requirements and feasibility details organized in a software requirement specification document.

Architectural Design

Designers create a high-level design or low-level design document, incorporating a collection of SRS document details, improvement feedback, interface relationships, module information, and other essential details

Building & Coding

Developers build the entire software system by writing code in a specific programming language, such as Python or JavaScript, implementing custom-coded modules, compilers, debuggers, interpreters, and other components.

Quality Assurance Testing

Software is deployed in a testing environment where the QA and testing teams identify bugs and other defects, communicate the issues with the developers, and apply a solution to the problem to ensure that the software is stable.

Installation & Deployment

Our Team make the final edits and alterations before finally deploying the software to the production environment for distribution to the appropriate application marketplace.

Maintenance & Support

After the system has been deployed, IT support experts provide IT support & maintenance to ensure that the software system performs as per the specifications detailed in the software requirement specification (SRS) document.

Custom Software Capabilities

Custom software solutions deliver supply chain , business continuity, data governance,
traceability, and the highest standard of quality and compliance.


Bill of materials (BOM) management provides full digital associativity and comprehensive out- of-the-box product structure management across supply chain, manufacturing, engineering, sales, and field service processes.


Software developers fully define and control all necessary changes and configurations to the product, sharing those changes across the enterprise and delivering real-time views of the changes to cut down on production time.


Provides comprehensive methodologies for specific manufacturing environments, ensuring seamless coordination between engineering & manufacturing workflows for a more connected and agile enterprise.


Guarantees that every engineering model, drawing, design, and document is placed in a central repository, allowing organizations to connect, communicate, and share robust product data and information across distributed teams.

Product Variability Management

Enables manufacturers to diversify their products to meet customer needs, executing different bills of material (BOM) information, embedded software, configurations, and other information via a single data source.

Model-Based Systems Engineering

The MBSE-oriented approach enables early collaborative visualization and simulation, applying modeling, tools, and methodologies to improve engineering workflows, productivity, quality, and regulatory compliance.

Project & Design Collaboration

Connects cross-functional, geographically distributed project teams, enabling them to collaborate regardless of location, with a strong focus on design and manufacturing outsourcing and project management.

Quality Management

Provides automated failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), accurate root cause analysis (RCA), and closed-loop corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs), ensuring that the product quality meets or exceeds industry standards.

Requirements & Test Management

The requirements & test management phase offers end-to-end traceability, enabling teams to specify, define, verify, and validate all aspects of the product while mitigating risk and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Service Process Management

Offers a product-centric approach that enables teams to manage all service information in a centralized source, incorporating automatically linked and updated parts lists, technical documentation, and model illustrations.